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Pinky Pinky: The Protector of Past Culture & Motivator of New Generation

Nowadays, with technological improvements and the importance of social media in every society, creating your own universe with past culture is a difficult road that many would say is impossible. However, the band of three, Pinky Pinky, not just show that this is possible but that they are growing up in their universe by using their Californian rock roots. Los Angeles may be a perfect city to get famous. Still, it's highly competitive, and if we add the new generation factor, only some musicians can gain popularity in this city. Yet, Pinky Pinky did not just take the attention of the new generation, but they also got popular with their own style of music.

By reviewing the background of this band, it will be understandable for anyone that this trio came a long and difficult way, but they achieved their goals with their love of music. The trio, drummer and vocalist Anastasia Sanchez, bassist Eva Chambers, and guitarist Isabelle Fields, started their musical cooperation in high school. By providing their first track, Pinky Pinky EP, their love for music increased, and here they made very deep music in the name of “Hot Tears”; The music that Sanchez says is like “the feeling of being withdrawn, even in the presence of someone close.”

Surely, the biggest challenge for this trio was to grow up and get better in a community like LA, a popular city in terms of many bands and music history. However, the trio believes the music should be made with love and effort, not by comparing your band with others. Pinky Pinky started their music as a hobby for all of them, in the sense of just playing some music. However, it became more serious after some time, and they understood that they had a chance to get better in LA, so they took the chance.

The idea of Pinky Pinky is to take listeners to the 60s 70s, the time of girls in the garage records. Yet, the main difference between this band and others is that Pinky Pinky is not a girl's band; they are not playing music by anyone's rules, which is the key difference. We all see them as a protector of past styles of music and a motivator for a new generation to enjoy such styles.

Further, you can find single music from Pinky Pinky, such as “Pinky Pinky EP” and “Hot Tears.” Also, the 2019 Album of this group, called “Turkey Dinner,” can be found here.

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